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"Aiming to make “the familiar strange and the strange familiar,” Bob Drury, co-author of Valley Forge, shed light on one of the most significant, yet underappreciated, chapters in the story of America’s independence..." Read the story

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War, Sports...and Butterflies is a compilation of Bob Drury's best columns. Drury is a Men's Health Contributing Editor and Military Correspondent. Drury has been nominated for three National Magazine Awards and a Pulitzer Prize. He has reported from Iraq, Afghanistan, Liberia, Bosnia, Northern Ireland and Darfur among other sites. He is also the author, co-author or editor of nine nonfiction books, including the New York Times bestselling HALSEY'S TYPHOON, LAST MEN OUT, THE LAST STAND OF FOX COMPANY and THE HEART OF EVERYTHING THAT IS. 

From the Introduction by best-selling author Tom Clavin: 

In the Acknowledgments of one of my books I referred to Bob Drury as “the best writer I know.” Was that written because he is a friend? No. Reading just a handful of the pieces in War, Sports and Butterflies will convince you that Bob is the best writer you know too.

Of course, you may not “know” Bob in the sense of bending an elbow beside him at a local saloon. The next best thing is reading what he’s written. There is an immediacy and intimacy in these columns that will give readers a sense of what it is like to be in the company of an especially engaging story teller. I’ve read and enjoyed most of the novels of Ernest Hemingway, but his short stories reveal the depth of his talent. My point? Bob is a masterful writer of books but in this collection you’ll find pieces that can be considered his “Three Day Blow” and “Hills Like White Elephants.” 

The challenge for you, dear readers, will be to stop reading, to press that button or whatever you have to do to take a break from War, Sports and Butterflies. The columns are addictive, and you’ll soon find yourself keeping your eyes pasted to the screen the same way viewers have binge-watched episodes of “House of Cards” and “Breaking Bad.” Know what? So what! Turn the phone off, switch off the TV, tell the kids to keep texting their friends, hand your significant other a credit card and directions to the mall...do whatever you have to do to open a big enough window of time to indulge. It’s that good. 

Prepare yourselves to get to know Bob Drury. 

"Bob Drury has rightfully earned the “Big J” as a journalist’s journalist. 

He has gone there, done that and met them all in pursuit of great stories. Whether it is far away, across the street, under fire, or over a beer, he captures the heart of the tale and brings it home in all its' glory. Drury offers sharp-eyed insight into the world of unforgettable characters--military heroes, twisted despots, and legends of sports. 

A Bob Drury byline says he has done the hard work. You’re in for a for a wild ride." 

- Pamela K. Browne, Senior Executive Producer, FOX News 

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